The Spontaneous Vacation

Modern life can be overwhelming, and there are times when returning home to a partner can be less than pleasant. Some people dream of simply remaining on their commuter train until it reaches the furthest destination possible, but most of them will get off at their regular station. They will finish their journey home with a heavy heart, and their life will continue into a deep rut. Those who still have a bit of the rebel in them will instead remain on the train one day, and they will have the spontaneous vacation others have dreamed of taking for years.

No luggage

When the thought hits to simply leave a normal life behind, many people stop at the thought of how unprepared they are for it. Rather than focusing on straightening out their own life, they zero in on the smallest details possible. They will rationalize the fact they have no luggage with them into a belief that a spontaneous vacation alone is impossible, and they will give in and go home. The thought that home is not a place where they long to be will sour their feelings, but it is not enough to turn them into an adventurer who is willing to suffer a few hardships to find what they really want out of life and a relationship.

Meeting new people

Commuter trains do not often go to holiday destinations, but a holiday can take place almost anywhere. A small village or a modest city can provide plenty of entertainment for a person who has never visited the area, so rationalizing away a weekend or a few days as a single person is not an excuse. One of the main reasons for an unplanned sojourn is meeting new people, and they can be found almost anywhere across the globe. There is no need to fear commitment, because they probably are not looking for a date in their own small town.

A feeling of freedom

When people are locked into a relationship that makes them feel torn in many ways, there is little to make them feel happy or satisfied with their life. Running away for a few days might provide them with a feeling of freedom they have been missing, or it might give them an opportunity to look at the reality of the life they are trying to live. The realization their life needs changes does not mean they will necessarily dump their current partner, and it could be a wake-up call for both of them. It could give them an opportunity to work out their differences and keep the relationship alive.

It might seem as if a person who takes a spontaneous vacation is running away from their responsibilities, but it could be a good way for them to prioritize what is important in their life. For those who have a relationship that simply does not work, taking time alone will give them a chance to see they should break it off. Some relationships are worth salvaging, and that time alone could give them a chance to see how it can be done.